My first PSX (original european series) got baked on a hot summer in the year that the PSX was released in Europe. It was just called the PlayStation then. The baking was totally explainable. It was in a cramped position so the air couldn’t circulate very well. It was stunningly hot and I was Soul […]


Was in a meeting discussing a new project almost all day long and all the usual things went wrong again: it lasted longer than four hours and of course the data model was the centerpiece of discussion once again. Slowly, my newly found inspiration was fading away. I will never forget the legendary words spoken […]


Note: this is a second third starting of the series… I have posted it and un-posted, posted it and un-posted it again and now I’m posting it for the final time. A woman told me my blog would be more interesting if I posted more stuff about myself so here is some that has been […]


Lately there has been a lot of buzz about FizzBuzz but Giles Bowkett in his post FizzBuzters hit the nail right on the head: “Keep in mind, FizzBuzz is basically an idiot detector. Anybody who bothers to code FizzBuzz is saying, ooh, an idiot detector. I’d better aim this at my own head and see […]


Tried to install the dutch language dictionary on my dutch Firefox installation but apparently either Firefox or the plugin had mixed feelings about it… It roughly translates to something like: “Dutch Dictionary 1.0.4 could not be installed because it is not compatible with this version of Firefox (Dutch Dictionary 1.0.4 only works with […]


First let me clearly explain what I mean by “formal functional design”. A formal functional design by my standards is a (often pretty hefty) document that is usually conjured up with a combined effort of customer and (IT) management. After a few exploratory meetings some notes are taken and some worker is assigned the task […]


Msh, Mush and Microsoft Command Shell are no more. Monad has a new “Marquee” name and we all have the Microsoft marketing department to thank for it. Please say hello to the awfully named PowerShell and please try not to mess-up the carpet while you get sick looking at the changes. Bah. “Msh” or “Microsoft […]


So now it’s reasonably late and I’m getting pretty strunken and I’m still messing around with company code… This can’t be good. At least I must be sane though as I’m able to post this. See. There is is… Well, it will be when I hit the nice looking button below… Yes, my friend – […]


Some people just bring out the best in me… Usually I take my work home with me. That is, after I arrive home my laptop has usually rebooted before I even take off my coat. However, today I’ve lost the spirit for the current project because “the powers that be” deny us the opportunity to […]