A few days ago I found out that a lot of collegues on my floor play or used to play Magic and since yesterday some of us have started playing it during lunch. Yesterday Mark and I played three duels but unfortunately his green deck had a little bit of a rough time coping with […]


Intro There is almost half a world which uses a common script to write down its knowledge. There might be some little tweaks or a few additional characters but basically it is a common script. This script is known as the Latin character set and it has been used and misused to describe a wide […]


Ten to one that I won’t say a thing when I will see you again I know myself by now: I’m not much of a talker “How were things here?”, you will ask And I will say: “Fine.” And I will not say to you That what I know think I should say to you


Called in sick today. Couldn’t roll myself out of bed thanks to a migraine. When I was finally able to pull myself together for some painkillers and a hot shower things got better and I was still able to get some real work done even though I was not physically at the shop. In fact, […]


I like Germany a lot and I really want to drive over there as much as I want to but there is one tiny issue: you can’t carry any ganja over there as easily as you can in the Netherlands. Now, during the first half of last season we didn’t worry about that too much. […]


When my blog was off-line I was thinking of all kinds of grandiose opening posts and I even seriously diving into a deep techy and geeky topic like Erlang or Haskell maybe but unfortunately I come ill prepared. Alas, thanks to the combined efforts of Sven, xs4all and to a lesser extent KPN it’s already […]