Tried to install the dutch language dictionary on my dutch Firefox installation but apparently either Firefox or the plugin had mixed feelings about it…

WTF? Just install it Firefox you now you want to...

It roughly translates to something like: “Dutch Dictionary 1.0.4 could not be installed because it is not compatible with this version of Firefox (Dutch Dictionary 1.0.4 only works with Firefox versions 2.0.0.* to 3.0a1)”.

If I weren’t familiar with wildcards I wouldn’t even understand the full WTF of this message. For my less savvy friends: the star is a so called wildcard character and it basically means anything. So the above message would mean that the dutch dictionary plugin cannot be installed because apparently my version of Firefox ( is not in the range of 2.0.0.anything anymore. So it seems that the number 2 has gained some kind of magical property that excludes it from being in the set of anything. We all know that anything is a pretty huge set of things so there might be some dark forces at work here. My prime suspect is Microsoft.

Anyway, this all means that I will have to rely on my own dutch and even though this is supposed to be my native language, my spelling pretty much sucks. If you suck at dutch spelling too then good for you! Rest assure that it is not us being stupid but simply a general error in the spelling rules itself.


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