I don’t write to many posts that sit right on the border between geekdom en social skills but here is one that at least is camping near it.

Since one of my videos attracts a nice and steady 100 viewers a day YouTube has been one of my favorite outlets. Somehow it is very addicting to upload one or more movies and watch the viewers, comments and ratings come in.

If it wasn’t for Flickr I wouldn’t even take the time to try and take nice photographs. As with YouTube, it is somehow strangely satisfying when “wild” people respond to your work and take the time to leave a comment.

One thing both YouTube and Flickr have in common is that they allow for an incredible online service – you can use your pic or video everywhere. The only thing you need to do is to make sure it links back to the original site and you can repost indefinetely.

It is especially great when other people who are completely unknown start posting your pic or video on forums or other sites. YouTube offers a view back into the five most popular links back to your video and this is a great feature as you can instantly find out who is talking about your video and where. I found a bunch of great Phantasialand fans on a forum that I would otherwise would’ve never found. They were talking about my video because one of them posted it there and after I joined them I made some great contacts.

sectionz (lowercase forever!) is probably one of my least known outlets where I upload and publish my latest and greates pieces of musical art. I must be honest though and have been neglecting it of sorts even though I have uploaded some decent new shit in the last months.

I only recently discovered Twitter and it was especially helpful to remove the dust from my blog and remove it to a different channel. Now I can update the world and bore them 24/7 with all kinds of random stuff by only texting the answer to a simple question: “what are you doing?”

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To all readers who can’t understand Dutch I apologize. I won’t make a habit of posting in Dutch.

WTF een post in het Nederlands? De enige van wie ik het belangrijk vind dat ze dit blog leest kan dit toch wel lezen dus wat kan mij het wat verotten…

Ik ben niet zo’n dorpeling. Zaterdag was ik supergaar van het uitgaan op vrijdag en tot een pretparkbezoek kwam het dus niet. Gelukkig stond er een enorm podium bij ons op de hoek op het plein opgesteld. Van het weekend zou er Zomerpop 2007 zijn en we besloten maar eens te gaan kijken.
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Last week was ruled by Troy, the new woody in Toverland. The pre-opening was on last Friday before my vacation but unfortunately I was too late to get a day off so couldn’t be there. The next day we had the opportunity to check it out. We had six year old Teun with us and for him one time in Troy was more than enough so after one ride we stayed a short while to check out the surrounding area and then went on to explore the rest of Toverland.

Sunday we went back for the official opening and a proper dose of Troy goodness. We set out very early with the explicit goal of arriving in Toverland before everyone else. We arrived at 9:30 and archieved our goal – the only guy to beat us was Jos (or one of his men) who was doing some last fixups to the garden in Troy. It had suffered some damage the day before as the lush hills in that part of the park are very enticing for kids to climb and play on.

After being greeted by the friendly marketing lady (forgot her name) we met Joep who turned out to be a Toverland employee on a day off. We had to wait to 10 for the park to open and then we made our way in. A large crowd had already gathered but we were able to bypass them and enter the park in peace thanks to our season passes. Exactly at 10 we were inside Toverland and took a few moments to take pictures and shoot footage of the people storming into the park. Then we slowly made our way to Troy.

Turned out Troy would open at 11 so we went on a small quest to get something to drink and then returned to wait for the official opening. At the opening I finally saw Caroline of Toverland in real life as we listened carefully to everything she and her brother had to say. Unfortunately the weather gradually became worse and worse and at some point it even started raining… After the speech the Troy theme song was performed and after some unexpected fireworks Troy was officially open. At this point the weather had luckely cleared up and now we were even enjoying some nice blue patches and sunshine. The sun would be shining pretty much for the rest of the day.

After getting some decent footage of the drumband and lingering in the Troy area for a while we finally made our way back to the coaster again.

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– Plenty of Troy action
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It is just past midnight. Every ten minutes or so you anxiously hit the blue circled arrow in the Firefox toolbar. At this point the button is familiar. It looks good. You like it because every time you hit that button there is that feeling you have when the results to some important contest are announced. There is a slight delay and then the results are in and you finally get an answer to those important questions: how much channel views do I have and what is the view count on my active videos?

Channels views are special because that means that people take the time to view all of the stuff that you uploaded instead of just viewing one single video that interrests them. Those people are my fans and they are the ones who are most likely to subscribe.

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Let me say right off the bat that putting them head on with eachother is unfair to both. You really can’t compare these two consoles because of the huge difference between te two. The difference is mostly on the Wii side of the comparison though.

– design
– base package
– controllers
– playability
– game selection
– future


The Wii is chibi without looking Toyish. The design reminds me of Apple designs and it is carried through all the way to the controlleres, accesoires and game boxes and packaging. I really like the fact that it is so small and when placed on its side it hardly takes up any room at all. I don’t like the fact that there is no main power switch. It is on or in standby. There are numerous standby modes and WiiConnect24 is definitely the worst. I fried a Wii by just having this mode turned on.

I’m not really fond of the PS3 design. When you have the thing flat on its back it looks especially hideous. It is somewhat better when you place it on its side but then you don’t really get to see the sleek lettering on the side (top) which is arguably the best part of the design. It has a main power switch on the back, which is great, but on the front there are these touchy buttons to operate it. I don’t like these in general but luckely you don’t have to use them. When main power is on with the switch on the back you can just slide in a disc or use a controller to activate the system. Continue reading “wii”


Late to the Party

As the rest of the world has moved on the bigger, better and other ventures I find myself at the party somewhat late as I find myself playing TES4: Oblivion more and more. I can still clearly remember when The Elder Scrolls: Arena came out but unfortunately never got around to play it at that time. I dabbled with Morrowind for the PC last year but found myself lost and wandering and never really got into it. Now that I seriiously invested some hours into Oblivion everything has changed.

Might and Magic

My main reference point for this game is Might and Magic VI. I also played VIII and a little bit of VII but there are few games I remember so fondly as Might and Magic VI. Countless hours have I invested in that game and it still feels like I played it yesterday. I would like to play it very much but sadly, when you look at the graphics nowadays you can see that they have not aged well and they were never really that great to begin with. Take a look now if you like but be warned – it’s not pretty.

Apart from the graphics though, the similarities between TES and M&M are obvious. One of the big differences is that in M&M you play a party of four (or five) and in TES you play a single person. But apart from that there are the skills, skill points, attributes, classes, races, levels, magic schools. There’s also the fame factor in both games and the villages with their castles and chapels. There’s also the one main quest (which you may or may not do to your liking) and the subquests which are all immediately accessible. Of course, there is also the huge overworld and uncountable dungeons and lairs hidden in the wilderness between the towns and villages.

Have no Clue

My first try was a disaster. My preferred way of playing is to get in close and just to hack and slash the enemy to death in blind rage. I should’ve just picked an Orc or Redguard. Maybe a Nord or Imperial but being stoned I decided that a Khajit would probably suit my excellent thieving style of play perfectly. A Khajit would be perfect for a thief but unfortunately I’m not. It was during noon that I left the sewers and of course saw the glimmering ruins of Vilverin at the other side of Rumare. Not too much of a swim I took the plunge to investigate. Unfortunately a bandit was waiting for me on the other side and after exchanging a few blows I decided that it would be better to run like the coward I am. So I ran and ran and swum to the other side of Rumore again but the damn bastard followed me of course. In the end I was slaughtered like a piglet and decided to do some reading before venturing out of the sewers for a second time.


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