Last year I tried to give an overview and my commentaries on the situation in the Holy Land but I wasn’t satisfied with them so they’re long gone. However, fragments can still be found in the caches of various search engines if you want to look for them.

This timeline actually succeeds in giving pretty refreshing overview of the situation. There also some links deeper worth checking out but be sure to see the PDF folder with the Israeli settlements in the occupied Palestinian terrority map. It offers a nice perspective on the expansionism of the Zionists. Continue reading “The”


My site looks really ugly in older versions of Firefox! On my company laptop with 1.0 it looks fine – exactly like in IE that is but I still had 0.8 on my home PC and the panels on the right (scroll if needed and afterwards upgrade your browser) were completely out of view.

Mmm. It looks like my fabulous table layout isn’t as fail-safe as I thought… Maybe I should give this CSS positioning thing another go… Continue reading “Yikes”


Well I finally got around to creating a new WordPress style. I’m running 1.3-alpha so there was also a chance to try out the new theme architecture. Although it works great you need to know at least a little HTML, CSS and PHP to really feel comfortable.

My original plan was to use the excellent Kubrick theme as a base for my own theme but I quickly changed this plan and started from scratch. In the end, I used Kubrick mainly to find out how I could hook into the WordPress engine. At this moment, the necessary API documentation is not readily accessible (though it can be found when you look hard enough for it) so using an existing template for guidance was easier. Continue reading “Meticulous”