Last Saturday I went to a colleague of my brother who is also heavily into producing music. His setup was pretty impressing with equipment, instruments, computers and cables everywhere but the eye catching centerpiece was his triple monitor setup with a total resolution of 3840×1024. That is a lot of desktop space and it is all made possible thanks to the Triple Head 2Go.

Now I want one of these puppies too but went for the Dual Head 2Go instead. I really wanted to go for the Triple Head of course but investing in three TFT screens and the magic box was too much. And I don’t really intend to use it for gaming because my system can’t handle the resolutions involved with three screens anyway.

So tonight I went to our local computer corner and had them order one for me. I could easily order it of the internet myself but I appreciate a computer store nearby and now those guys might make some money of it too. At least they get to order something that they’ve never ordered before.

Update 13-03-2007: Just got a call from one of the guys and apparently my USB powered Matrox Dual Head 2Go is already arriving tomorrow! After having to wait almost two weeks for my new external hard drive this is a pleasant surprise indeed!


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  1. Hey Bas. I appreciate ur care for others, in this case computer guys from ur local store..U score a point in my eyes (not that it matters, just wanted to point out. 🙂 And gratz on ur future purchase :))

  2. Hi Y, Always nice to see one of your comments; especially on such a techy subject. 🙂 Oh, and FWIW, I treasure each and every one of those points!

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