Yep it is running and I still can not believe how smooth the upgrade went. I went up from 1.5 to 2.0.4 and followed the upgrading guide in the codex and aside from the backing up (which was not really necessary after all because all went well) there was nothing more involved than executing five simple steps:

  1. Dowload WordPress
  2. Deactivate all the plugins
  3. Delete some files and directories on the server
  4. Upload the new stuff
  5. Click a link

And that was it! I have been using WordPress for all my blogging needs since even before blogging became common fashion and every time I am just utterly amazed at how smooth an installation or upgrade goes. It seems it just can not fail – at least not in a nasty way.

I just love this software and now that the admin is pimped 2.0 style I love it even more.


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