Intro There is almost half a world which uses a common script to write down its knowledge. There might be some little tweaks or a few additional characters but basically it is a common script. This script is known as the Latin character set and it has been used and misused to describe a wide […]


Ten to one that I won’t say a thing when I will see you again I know myself by now: I’m not much of a talker “How were things here?”, you will ask And I will say: “Fine.” And I will not say to you That what I know think I should say to you


Called in sick today. Couldn’t roll myself out of bed thanks to a migraine. When I was finally able to pull myself together for some painkillers and a hot shower things got better and I was still able to get some real work done even though I was not physically at the shop. In fact, […]


I like Germany a lot and I really want to drive over there as much as I want to but there is one tiny issue: you can’t carry any ganja over there as easily as you can in the Netherlands. Now, during the first half of last season we didn’t worry about that too much. […]


When my blog was off-line I was thinking of all kinds of grandiose opening posts and I even seriously diving into a deep techy and geeky topic like Erlang or Haskell maybe but unfortunately I come ill prepared. Alas, thanks to the combined efforts of Sven, xs4all and to a lesser extent KPN it’s already […]


I don’t write to many posts that sit right on the border between geekdom en social skills but here is one that at least is camping near it. YouTube Since one of my videos attracts a nice and steady 100 viewers a day YouTube has been one of my favorite outlets. Somehow it is very […]