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Succesful update to 4.6-STABLE

[by sven @ Fri Aug 23 16:19 CEST 2002]

Yesterday I updated to 4.6-STABLE without any problems. I did a build on my (little bit) faster FreeBSD box and an install on the freegw box to minimize the load on this box. Alltogether it still took about 20 hours to build and install 4.6-STABLE on the two boxes.

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Reboot by a short-circuit

[by sven @ Tue Aug 20 22:22 CEST 2002]

After a record uptime from about 125 days today the netvoltage went down here for a moment by a short-circuit in a shaded lamp, unbelievable! Ofcourse together with the netvoltage freegw went down too. I think now it's a good moment to do a 'make world' and update to 4.6-STABLE.

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Web server statistics

[by sven @ Mon Aug 19 23:43 CEST 2002]

Today I have installed analog from the ports-tree, analog is a program for analysing WWW logfiles and produces attractive statistics. It tells you which pages are most popular, which countries people are visiting from, which operating-systems they are using, etc. Analog is run every day during the daily housekeeping. You can watch analog's output here.

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Another photo

[by sven @ Sat Aug 17 16:56 CEST 2002]

This is another photo of the freegw box. This time the BSD Daemon is standing on the ADSL modem protecting freegw from intruders in the meter cupboard :-)

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Photo of freegw

[by sven @ Fri Aug 16 17:05 CEST 2002]

This is a photo of the freegw box mounted in the meter cupboard. The box is standing on the isolated waterconduit and is sticked between the gasmeter and the right wall.

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