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Result from a Looking Glass

[by sven @ Mon Nov 25 1:36 CET 2002]

A Looking Glass is a website where you can execute network commando's like ping, traceroute, dig, etc. over IPv6 and usually IPv4. Below you can see the result of the traceroute6 command from a Looking Glass located in Japan:

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Most recent by sven @ Mon Dec 23 15:12 CET 2002
freegw is IPv6 enabled!

[by sven @ Thu Nov 21 21:19 CET 2002]

From now on freegw is IPv6 enabled! Yesterday I compiled a new kernel for freegw with IPv6 support and in the same time I did an OS update to 4.7-STABLE. Also the Apache webserver has been updated to acccept IPv6 connections. freegw is reachable at IPv6 address 3ffe:8280:0:2001::5173 and hostname

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Most recent by sven @ Mon Dec 23 14:57 CET 2002
First IPv6 connection

[by sven @ Wed Nov 20 11:30 CET 2002]

Last night I made my first IPv6 connection with my test box! IPv6 is short for "Internet Protocol Version 6". IPv6 or IPng is the "next generation" protocol to replace the current version Internet Protocol, IP Version 4 (IPv4). I'm using the XS4ALL IPv6 tunnelbroker to connect to the 6bone. To set up the tunnel I used this howto: Tunneling IPv6 to XS4ALL with FreeBSD.

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[by sven @ Tue Sep 10 20:37 CEST 2002]

I added a sort of ASP AdRotator to this page which I call the PromoRotator. The PromoRotator displays a different advertisement each time a user visits or refreshes the page. Currently there are only four promos in the database and they're all about open-source projects.

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Replacement for mpd: SIP-Spoofing

[by sven @ Sun Sep 1 22:16 CEST 2002]

With SIP-Spoofing (Static IP Spoofing) it is possible to make a pc directly reachable from the internet, while the modem itself controls the connection. Some routing tricks provide that the public IP-address becomes attached to the ethernetcard from the pc which is connected to the modem. With SIP-Spoofing you don't need mpd or pptpclient anymore.

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