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[by sven @ Mon Jul 14 12:18 CEST 2003]

Since the old days e-mail is send over the internet by SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol), but the starting point from SMTP is that the receiver is online permanently. With the coming of computers (with telephone modems) that aren't always online, alternatives for SMTP are thought of. POP3 (Post Office Protocol) is the most used protocol. Hereby all incoming e-mail is stored on the server from the ISP (Internet Service Provider). People can then connect to the internet and get their e-mail from this server.

Another possibility is bSMTP (batched SMTP). Hereby e-mail is send by SMTP as soon as the computer gets online. If the computer is offline, the mail is saved on the server from the ISP and is send as soon as the computer is connected to the internet.

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Analog + IPv6

[by sven @ Fri Jul 4 11:11 CEST 2003]

The web server statistics produced by Analog are not correct since I've installed Apache+IPv6 because Analog doesn't understand the IPv6 addresses ( from the Apache httpd-access logfiles. But I've found a patch from a Japanese site: I applied this patch to Analog 5.24 and believe it or not but Analog is now able to produce correct webserver statistics with IPv6 records in the logfiles! The patch can be found here.

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Unexpected reboot

[by sven @ Mon Mar 24 15:04 CET 2003]

Yesterday, freegw went down again because someone at my home accidentally made a short circuit in a shaded lamp while cleaning it (!) so the earth leakage circuit unfortunately switched off :-( Before this accident freegw has been up for about 52 days or so...

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Downstream is 50% higher

[by sven @ Sat Jan 11 1:47 CET 2003]

Probably yesterday an upgrade of the telephonecentral in my area has taken place. According to speedtest websites as and the downstream is now about 80 KB/s and the upstream is still about 12 KB/s.

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Adding comments

[by sven @ Fri Dec 20 14:25 CET 2002]

May'be you already noticed the 'Add a comment' link at the bottom of all my weblogs. Now it's possible to reply to my weblogs by following that link. You don't have to register or login to add a comment to my weblogs. Read more...

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