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Upgrade to 9.2-STABLE

[by sven @ Sun Oct 13 20:30 CEST 2013]

Today I updated FreeBSD from the legacy branch (8.4-STABLE) to the production branch (9.2-STABLE) and all went smooth as usual.

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Hardware failure and upgrade to 8.3-STABLE

[by sven @ Fri May 18 15:02 CEST 2012]

On Sunday May 13 freegw went down because of a hardware failure. The HP Vectra VL400 box has been replaced by a HP Vectra VLi8 with almost the same specifications, only just a little less processing power and a slower ATA controller.

I just had to move the hard drive, network adapter and memory from the old to the 'new' box. The system booted without any errors and freegw was up and running again.

I also took this opportunity to upgrade the system to 8.3-STABLE.

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Upgrade to 8.2-STABLE

[by sven @ Sun Sep 25 11:35 CEST 2011]

Soon FreeBSD 9.0 will be released and FreeBSD 7 becomes legacy. Because I want to stay just one major release behind I upgraded from 7.4-STABLE to 8.2-STABLE yesterday.

To do so I had to made some modifications to the kernel configuration. Namely I had to remove the devices isa, npx, mem and io from the configuration because they are in the DEFAULT configuration now. Also the sio serial port driver has been removed and replaced by the uart device driver even so the atausb device driver is removed from the FreeBSD 8 kernel. In addition I had to add the COMPAT_FREEBSD7 option to the kernel configuration.

One major change for me was the unification of the IPv4 and IPv6 firewall scripts rc.firewall and rc.firewall6. I was using two custom firewall scripts that were derived from the scripts mentioned that I had to manually merge into one.

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IPv4 / IPv6 speed test

[by sven @ Sun Jun 19 12:50 CEST 2011]

Below are some speed test results from

It looks like the test faulty classified the IPv6 connection as native.

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Enabled IPv6 services

[by sven @ Sun Jun 19 11:42 CEST 2011]

Since the World IPv6 Day on 8 june 2011 I've been inspired to enable some more IPv6 services in addition to HTTP and SSH that are running since freegw was IPv6 enabled in 2002. The following services are now listening on IPv4 as well as IPv6:

HTTP(s) and SSH

And for private usage:


Because freegw is still using the IPv6 tunnel from XS4ALL instead of native IPv6 the webserver is only accessable via IPv6 via the urls listed below.

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